AMD FX-8350

Технические характеристики AMD FX-8350:

Socket AMD Socket AM3+
Process Size 32 nm
Transistors 1200 million
Die Size 315 mm²
Package uPGA
Frequency 4000 MHz
Turbo Clock up to 4200 MHz
Base Clock 200 MHz
Multiplier 20.0x
Voltage 1.45 V
Tdp 125 W
Production Status unknown
Released Oct 2012
Codename Vishera
# Of Cores Eight-core
Smp # Cpus 1
Integrated Graphics N/A
Cache L1 384 KB
Cache L2 8192 KB
Cache L3 8192 KB (shared)
Mmx Yes
Sse Yes
Sse2 Yes
Sse3 Yes
Ssse3 Yes
Sse41 Yes
Sse42 Yes
Sse4a Yes
Amd64 Yes
Amd V Yes
Aes Yes
Avx Yes
Clmul Yes
Cvt16 Yes
Evp Yes
Fma4 Yes
Xop Yes
Turbo Core Yes
Ht31 Yes