Intel Core i7-6950X

Технические характеристики Intel Core i7-6950X:

Process Size 14 nm
Transistors 3800 million
Die Size unknown
Frequency 3000 MHz
Turbo Clock up to 3500 MHz
Base Clock 100 MHz
Multiplier 30.0x
Voltage unknown
Tdp 140 W
Production Status Active
Released May 2016
Codename Broadwell-E
# Of Cores 10
Smp # Cpus 1
Integrated Graphics N/A
Cache L1 32 KB (per core)
Cache L2 256 KB (per core)
Cache L3 25600 KB (shared)
Mmx Yes
Sse Yes
Sse2 Yes
Sse3 Yes
Ssse3 Yes
Sse42 Yes
Avx Yes
Avx2 Yes
Eist Yes
Intel 64 Yes
Xd Bit Yes
Vt X Yes
Vt D Yes
Htt Yes
Aes Ni Yes
Txt Yes
Clmul Yes
Fma3 Yes
F16c Yes
Bmi1 Yes
Bmi2 Yes
Boost 20 Yes