AMD A10-7890K

Технические характеристики AMD A10-7890K:

Process Size 28 nm
Transistors 1178 million
Die Size 246 mm²
Package uPGA
Frequency 4000 MHz
Turbo Clock up to 4300 MHz
Base Clock 100 MHz
Multiplier 40.0x
Voltage 1.475 V
Tdp 95 W
Production Status Active
Released Jan 2016
Codename Kaveri
# Of Cores 4
Smp # Cpus 1
Integrated Graphics Radeon R7
Cache L1 128 KB (per core)
Cache L2 1024 KB (per core)
Cache L3 0 KB
Mmx Yes
3dnow! Yes
Sse Yes
Sse2 Yes
Sse3 Yes
Sse4a Yes
Amd64 Yes
Cnq Yes
Nx Bit Yes
Amd V Yes